Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yoga: AM or PM?

I was for a long time an after work yogini, with the occasional weekend morning practice.  During chiropractic school however, I didn't get home until way too late for practice so I experimented with a morning practice.  It was the only way, even though it required 4:30 wake-ups often leading to needing too much coffee and only yielding partial practices.  Now that I have graduated, and have more control over my schedule I am trying to figure out what works best for me, morning or late afternoon yoga.

AM practice:
  • It is done, you can't get too busy later on and not get to your practice.
  • It sets the tone for the day.  I feel more relaxed. 
  • I have accomplished a major goal for the day before I even get to breakfast.
  • I am hungry.
  • I feel rushed, I worry about being late. 
  • For some reason, I am more full of phlegm in the morning.  Many breaks must be taken to spit or blow my nose.
  • I miss the morning dog walk.
  • I think breakfast is better in pajamas.
PM practice:
  • I never feel rushed, timers are not necessary.
  • My mind is more at ease.
  • I am not hungry or thirsty.
  • I am more focused on practice.
  • Practice will not make me late for anything, supper can wait.
  • If I oversleep, it doesn't shorten my practice.
  • Perfect way to end a day, much preferable to drinks or television.
Currently I am trying a PM practice on, but reserve the right to switch.  I like the way I can focus with an early evening practice and spend time afterward reflecting on practice and reading a sutra.  I don't hear my boyfriend getting ready and actually starting his day with a dog walk, while I'm hanging out on a mat.  My body and mind seem more primed for PM practice.  I will try to stick with this time frame for now.  I have the good fortune of starting work late or ending early to fit in a practice where it is most appropriate for me, but I do need to show up for the times that I tell patients that I will be there for them.  No running late or skipping out early 'just today'. 

What practice time have you adopted, and why?

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