Sunday, December 4, 2011

How clean is your window?

A yoga sutra study group started up tonight at Near East Yoga, the focus tonight was the vrittis. I would like to share a drop of wisdom that I learned. Vrittis can be useful if you stay mindful of their purpose. Asana, pranyama, all of this is a type of vritti. These particular vrittis (and others) can be used as a window cleaner to scrub your window clean, clear the seer's vision of reality. However, if you get addicted to the window cleaner and stop seeing it as a tool, your window just gets foggy with spray. You might as well be spraying dirt on the window. Maybe this is the purpose of breaks in practice, such as moon days off. After polishing the window for two weeks, you can sit back and look through with clarity at what is real.