Saturday, November 26, 2011


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is such a pure holiday, despite the attempted corruption by an ever-earlier Black Friday. I spent it with Dan, Matt, and the three dogs. We had a very delicious, local meal that stuffed us all. I hope that everyone else out there enjoyed their thanksgivings as well. I give thanks for the abundance of delicious food and drink found locally here. I also give thanks for the Portland yoga community that I sometimes have the rare treat of indulging in when school eases up a bit.

Don't count on many posts until the new year here. As a busy chiropractic student, things are heating up. The biggest test of the program is approaching in January, and as such, things are very intense until it wraps up. After that, many more practices with Near East Yoga, kirtans at the BhaktiShop, and perhaps even some fun at the Yoga Space too. More local food too.

One promised post...a reflection on an observation of a great yoga as therapy doctor.