Monday, December 20, 2010

New Year, New You

The benefit of having a late December birthday is that I embark on a new calendar year and a new age around the same time. This really encourages me to reflect on the past year and set my New Year's resolutions. I always make four of them and put them on my iGoogle homepage so I see them on a regular basis. Here is what I'm focusing on for year 30, 2011: 1. Stick to my budget, don't outgrow my student aid check. 2. Schedule a friend date once a month. 3. Get enough sleep, prioritize practice. 4. Explore my fields of interest in preparation for when I'm a practicing chiropractor...i.e., yoga therapy. It's not in the curriculum after all. I hope you set some great intentions for your upcoming year, whether you do it on your birthday or when you get a new calendar.

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