Saturday, December 11, 2010

Local, Sustainable, AMAZING Wine

When I first moved here I was all about the local wines...hey, I'm in the Willamette Valley after all. However, recently I made the move to boxed wines for the shear sustainability and affordability of them. When those two worlds came together for me, of course I scooped up a box. Badger Mountain Pure Red is amazing. At first sip I was floored. This is quite possibly the best wine I have ever tasted...for the average price of $20 a box (that's $5 a bottle for you bottle drinkers). The sustainability does not stop with the box. Badger Mountain is a local-ish wine for me; 200 miles away in the Columbia River Valley (same watershed). They are an organic winery (Washington's first) who adds no sulfates to their wines. The box liner is BPA-free too! This wine is a winner, local or not, so check it out! What could be better than your pocketbook and the environment than this...if you're not willing to not buy wine that is. And if white wine is more your thing, don't worry, Pure Red has a sister...Pure White.

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