Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Perfect Spring Lunch

People have different signs for spring: daffodils, robins, spring peepers... Mine is the fact that I have the ingredients for a spring-like lunch. Today's lunch was just that. Microgreen salad with vinegrette, pickled beets, hummus, and a home-baked walnut bread. Many of the ingredients are from stored foods like the beets, chickpeas, and beets...but the microgreens make the whole thing fresh and bright. Here's to the beginning of salad season!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Practice and Unattachment

The two keys to yoga are practice and unattachment. I learned this lesson well in the past few months. I finally found a way to make a daily practice a priority. My early morning practices were happening pretty regularly. It was worth the early wake up.
Then I injured my ankle and had to give up practice for a while. I felt like crap, sickly due to lack of practice after being quite regular with it. But what could I do when even walking was painful? I was forced to be unattached to a regular practice schedule.
Returning to practice was hard, I couldn't get back to the solid practice schedule when the ankle healed. It was too close to finals and board exams. I wish that picking practice up was easier.
I promised myself to indulge in studio practices all break for a bit of a tune-up complete with a teacher and breath of others...but the bank account is completely exhausted of funds until the next student loan check. Board tests are expensive.
So here I sit in my half cleaned house nearing the halfway point of break. No practice, unless you count the immense tapas I have had to perform the past few days of cleaning my house. Most people associate spring cleaning with saucha...but for me it is a tapas. I really am not so much a cleaner. I have been cleaning for the health and happiness of my dog and my boyfriend. Personally, I would rather look the other way at the filth. After today's dusting and vacuuming practice on my carpeted floors will be much more hospitable.
Practice will resume officially next week if not before. I have set up a new practice schedule for myself for next quarter. Ten weeks of wake-ups at 4 and 5 before school. Next week will be a trial period, that will allow naps.
Unattachment to my inability to practice with others on hardwood with a teacher is a much harder tapas than even scrubbing rugs. Love and admiration to all of you that swim in that pond often.