Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Things...take 3

As I have been inspired by both Jill and Amanda, here are the 10 things that are really making my day as of late:
  1. Finished with classes for the quarter, finals week will land me 1/6 of the way to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.
  2. A perfectly placed moon day the weekend before finals.
  3. Dan and I are adding to our 'family'...we're getting a puppy this weekend.
  4. My parents will be visiting for a few days over break; I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving.
  5. The kind people that surround and inspire me...including my professors and classmates.
  6. Using this upcoming break (2 weeks long) to really dive in head-first into practice with no other obligations (besides #4, a three day break). I want to establish a stronger practice habit (6 days a week) so I'm more prone to practice at home when I need to this upcoming quarter.
  7. Resolving my issue with killing slugs in my garden. I struggled with this as they weren't doing anything but eating...until it killed a pea plant. As the Gita teaches us, sometimes action needs to be taken. However, if I find a banana slug I won't harm it; I'll just move it into my neighbors yard full of weeds. It's a native after all, and doesn't actually eat living plants!
  8. Summer is forcasted to finally begin tomorrow. And we deserve it with all the rain and cold.
  9. Pulling out the summer clothes and packing up the winter ones.
  10. Looking forward so much to the first signs of Oregon strawberries...and the few plants in my small garden putting out fruit. I can't wait to harvest food other than herbs that I grew myself.

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